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About Straight Line Exteriors, Inc.

Straight Line Exteriors, Inc. was established in Buffalo MN, by owner Peter Hayes in 1999. We decided to start Straight Line Exteriors, Inc. on the basis that consumers care about quality, service and workmanship. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and to provide a quality source for customers roofing needs. Straight Line Exterior is committed to providing the best materials and installation in a professional manner. We consider our success to be measured in the number of satisfied customers who would be happy to pass our name on to family and friends.

Straight Line Exteriors, Inc. will always deliver on its promise to ensure the best quality materials and the most experienced roofers.

What separates us is our extra attention to detail and workmanship, which is often disregarded in this business. Straight Line Exteriors, Inc. makes every effort to address problems such as flashing, ventilation, insulation, underlayment and roof decking so you will get the full life of your next roof. Extra steps are taken by our experienced roofers to insure the highest quality installation specific to the harsh weather conditions of Minnesota.

Straight Line Exteriors, Inc. is also aware that people want to balance cost with quality. Our main objective is to meet the individual needs of each customer whether it's a small repair or installing a designer shingle. There are many options for roof and siding replacement. We are confident that we can find the solution that best fits your budget.

Straight Line Exteriors, Inc. would like to thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you, ESTIMATES ARE FREE!